Exchange Club Scholarship

- Any senior can apply, regardless of GPA or
test scores!
- All you have to do is write a short essay
about why you think you deserve a $1,000
scholarship from the Exchange Club. There
is no page length requirement and the
essay only has to be a minimum of 100
- Essays are due to Mrs. Boyer by August
28 th , 2019!!!
- Three winners will be chosen from
Glenwood to go on to compete against the
three winners from the other participating
Alabama schools.
- If you are chosen as a Glenwood winner,
you will then have to make a short speech
based on your essay.
- Three students will win Student of the
Quarter and one student will win Student of
the Year! There will be three $1,000
scholarships up for grabs!
- If you have any questions, please see Mrs.