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Happy Homecoming Week!
Kayla Boyer » Guidance Counselor

Guidance Counselor

My name is Kayla Boyer and I am the Upper School Guidance Counselor as well as the Dance Team Sponsor. As a Glenwood lifer myself, I am so excited to be back home and starting my second year at Glenwood! On my page you will find any updates on scholarship and college announcements, community service opportunities, and some tips for helping you study, relax, and have a better school year.
If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call, email me at, or make an appointment to come in and meet with me. 
Students, My door is always open when you need a question answered or a safe space to talk.
I look forward to a great school year with all of you!
Go Gators!

Recent Posts

Georgia Military College

We had an awesome visit this week from Georgia Military college! If you aren't in a life skills class and missed out on the information, please come see me to find out more about this awesome school! 
To apply for free online you can use the code : CF4GMC

Local Scholarship for Alabama Students

Seniors, please read the following information about a local scholarship available to you:
"Good morning,
My name is Harvey Morris, and I am writing to you on behalf of my law firm, Morris, King and Hodge P.C., to announce a a 2020 scholarship that we are sponsoring for promising students in Alabama.
We will award three scholarships to 2020 graduating seniors in Alabama high schools and/or rising freshmen in Alabama colleges and universities who create an original essay explaining the dangers of texting and driving and practical steps to ending this momentous problem. The awards will range from $2,000 to $1,000.
I'm writing to you in the hope that you will share this with your students. The deadline is April 10th 2020.
You can view the link to the scholarship details and application here:
Hope some of your students apply!"

Gabrielle's Formals - Ambassador Program

Gabrielle’s Formals & Events is accepting applications for their new Gabrielle’s Girls Ambassador Program.  If you are interested in this opportunity you can learn more details and get a copy of the application by visiting their web page at or calling (334) 363-0824.  Applications will be reviewed on Friday, September 6th

Admissions Information from Auburn University

Auburn University admissions application will open at on August 15th. A completed application file will include the following:

-          Completed admissions application on our website

-          $50 application fee or application fee waiver

-          Official ACT or SAT sent directly from the testing agency

-          Official high school transcript from grades 9 – 11 (we look at weighted & cumulative GPA for both admissions and scholarship purposes)

Our admissions application will include 1 essay question and 2 short answer questions this year. Please stress to students the importance of this application. Admissions decisions WILL NOT be based solely off of GPA and test scores, and all application materials will be reviewed equally. It will be important for both high achieving and more borderline students (from a GPA and test score standpoint) to put quality time and effort into the application.

Our early action deadline will be November 1stI would encourage most students interested in applying to Auburn to have all of their application materials submitted by this date. Our final application deadline will be February 3rd.

We will only be releasing two rounds of admissions decisions this year. The first will be released on December 1stWe will release acceptances, deferrals and denials at this time. The second and final round of admissions decisions will be released on March 2ndStudents who apply after November 1st or are deferred in the first round of decisions will have a final decision on March 2nd.

Once students are accepted for admission, they can complete our scholarship application. We call this AUSOM (Auburn University Scholarship Opportunity Manager). It’s essentially a “one-stop-shop” scholarship application that allows students to apply for every scholarship they’re eligible for (merit based, need based, general, departmental, etc…). Our merit based scholarships for students from the state of Alabama this year will be as follows:

-          3.5+ GPA & 26 – 27 ACT (1230 – 1290 SAT)

Estimated Annual Award Amount: $2,000 per year

-          3.5+ GPA & 28 – 29 ACT (1300 – 1350 SAT)

Estimated Annual Award Amount: $4,000 per year

-          3.5+ GPA & 30 – 32 ACT (1360 – 1440 SAT)

Estimated Annual Award Amount: $8,000 per year

-          3.5+ GPA & 33 – 36 ACT (1450 – 1600 SAT)

Estimated Annual Award Amount: Value of resident tuition per year

Students can complete the AUSOM scholarship application once they’re accepted for admission. The deadline to complete the scholarship application is December 15thThis will be the deadline for both the scholarship application and highest ACT/SAT score to be submitted.

ACT- Registration Deadline

For any of you wanting to sign up to take the ACT on September 14th, the registration deadline is this Friday, August 16th! This is a great time to take the ACT before starting your college applications, so make sure you sign up!
For more information on how to register, check out the ACT Information page on my profile or contact the ACT help line at 319-337-1270

Exchange Club Scholarship

- Any senior can apply, regardless of GPA or
test scores!
- All you have to do is write a short essay
about why you think you deserve a $1,000
scholarship from the Exchange Club. There
is no page length requirement and the
essay only has to be a minimum of 100
- Essays are due to Mrs. Boyer by August
28 th , 2019!!!
- Three winners will be chosen from
Glenwood to go on to compete against the
three winners from the other participating
Alabama schools.
- If you are chosen as a Glenwood winner,
you will then have to make a short speech
based on your essay.
- Three students will win Student of the
Quarter and one student will win Student of
the Year! There will be three $1,000
scholarships up for grabs!
- If you have any questions, please see Mrs.

2019/2020 Dual Enrollment Information

What you need to know about taking Dual Enrollment courses at Glenwood:

  • You must be on the Honors Diploma Track for the subject you wish to take a Dual Enrollment course in at Glenwood. These classes are challenging, college-level courses and should not be taken by students who are not accustomed to taking the most difficult course options. For example, you can not take DE English as a senior, if you are not already in the Honors English class now. 
  • You must have certain ACT scores to take a Dual Enrollment English or Math course. To take Dual Enrollment English, you must have made at least an 18 on the English portion of the ACT. To take any Dual Enrollment Math, you must have made at least a 20 on the math portion of the ACT.
  • All new Dual Enrollment students must complete the Southern Union general application online over the summer. This application can be found at You must then email a valid Photo ID to This must be completed prior to the start of the 2019/2020 school year!
  • If you do not have the required ACT scores, but still wish to take a Dual Enrollment course, you will need to set up a time to take the ACuplacer Exam. This exam can be scheduled at : . You must have already filled out the application and sent in your photo ID before scheduling to take the exam.
  • You will receive a bill from Southern Union after the 2nd week of August, once all the applications have been processed. You will pay Southern Union directly for the DE Courses you are taking. Some courses are split, so you pay in the fall and the spring and some courses you pay for one time in the fall (See Price list). There will be scholarships available for Spring courses that will be given out to students in the fall. There are no scholarships available at this time for fall courses. All payments must be made directly to Southern Union- There is no option to pay through Glenwood Tuition this year.



Dual Enrollment Courses and Pricing

  • ECONOMICS 231 (3 credit hours)- $444- Spring Only
  • ENGLISH 101 (3 credit hours)- $444- Fall Only
  • ENGLISH 102 (3 credit hours)- $444- Spring Only
  • HISTORY 201 (3 credit hours)- $444- Fall Only
  • HISTORY 202 (3 credit hours)-$444-Spring Only
  • MATH 115 (4 credit hours)- $592
  • MATH 125 (4 credit hours)-$592
  • MATH 265 (3 credit hours)-$444
  • THEATER 120 (3 credit hours)-$444


2019 Alfa Youth Leadership Conference

the Alabama Farmers Federation is excited to focus on the future during our annual Alfa Youth Leadership Conference Sept 30- Oct 1. We’re looking for driven, energetic high school freshmen and sophomores — the key to unlocking Alabama’s future success. Can you help?

After the free, two-day training at the Alabama 4-H Center in Columbiana, students should be prepared to

* Advocate for agriculture

* Identify their potential to better serve communities

* Step into leadership roles


The conference includes

* High-energy workshops

* Motivational speakers

* Outdoor activities and games

* Relationship-building with leaders across the state


To learn more, check out the application at Applications are due Aug. 13.


Application Link


You can help by forwarding application information to your colleagues, friends and family members. Questions? Contact the Federation’s Wiley Bailey at (334) 531-2460 or Ashton Monk at (334) 613-4272.

We’re looking forward to a great conference!

Auburn Updates

Please read the following message from William Fisher at Auburn University:

Good Afternoon!

I hope you all are doing great! As we approach the end of another school year, I just wanted to send out a few quick reminders. I have emailed your students with these reminders as well, but a little extra insurance never hurts to make sure they don’t miss any deadlines!

  • All of your seniors planning to attend Auburn this year have until May 1st to submit a $200 enrollment deposit to reserve their seat in our freshman class.

*If you have any students with financial situations preventing them, or making it difficult for them to submit this deposit, please have them contact me and I’ll be happy to look into a deposit waiver.*

  • Once students have submitted their enrollment deposits, they can register for Camp War Eagle. This is the freshman orientation program that they would go through this summer before beginning classes at Auburn
  • All students have until May 1st to accept any scholarship offers they have received from us.
  • Please encourage your students planning to attend Auburn (or still considering Auburn) to check their Auburn University email accounts on a regular basis. This becomes the official means of communication once they are admitted, and all important reminders about dates, deadlines, etc. will be sent to that account.

If any of your students or their parents need assistance with anything, please don’t hesitate to have them contact me!


Historic Westville- Volunteer Opportunities

Please see the following message for information regarding upcoming volunteer opportunities at Westville:
Good afternoon!
I’m the volunteer coordinator at Historic Westville, a living history museum in Columbus, GA. We are in need of volunteers, over the next two months especially, as we prepare for our grand reopening. Below is a little information about our volunteer needs. If you could pass this information along to students who are interested in volunteering or in need of volunteer hours we would truly appreciate it! 
Historic Westville-
Volunteer Opportunity for 4th grade-adult volunteers. Young volunteers 4th grade-8th grade would need to be accompanied by a parent. High school volunteers would need parental consent to participate in activities. Most volunteer opportunities scheduled for Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm; Saturdays also scheduled periodically. Volunteers are needed to assist with building and grounds maintenance and cleaning, painting, moving artifacts, etc. Volunteers will need to wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Water is provided. If you are interested in volunteering with Historic Westville contact Stephanie Gore at (706) 940-0057 or 

Zoo Weekend- Volunteer Opportunity

Please see the following information about the Montgomery Zoo's upcoming volunteer opportunity: 

Zoo Weekend is Saturday and Sunday, March 23-24 and we still need volunteers to help make this the greatest Zoo Weekend ever.   It takes approximately 100 volunteers per shift to have a successful and exciting event.   Volunteers can be students*, corporate teams, church groups, civic groups, families and just anyone who wants to give back to the community in a fun, exciting and outdoor environment. 

Shifts are from 8:00am-2:00pm and 1:00pm-6:30pm each day.  Volunteers may serve one or multiple shifts, but they are expected to commit to serving the full duration of their shift(s).

Volunteers assist in a variety roles such as running children's games, taking ride and attraction tickets, selling extra game tickets, assisting the petting zoo, cleaning around the zoo and just helping make sure each and every guest has a wonderful time.  Assignments may be requested but are NOT guaranteed as volunteers will be placed where there is the greatest need.

We are excited that Subway is our volunteer sponsor this year.  With their support we will be provide lunch and drinks to all volunteers.

Please consider giving a few hours of your time to help make this annual event a continued success.  Zoo Weekend is our largest fund raiser of the year and without your help the Zoo could not continue to grow, expand our animal collection or provide a fun, family attraction for over 200,000 people per year.


To register as a volunteer, visit our webpage at or send us an email at   

If you have any questions concerning volunteering during Zoo Weekend, please contact the Zoo at (334) 625-4900.