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Mission Statement

The purpose of Glenwood School is to provide students with an opportunity for a college preparatory education in a Christian environment. In keeping with this purpose, Glenwood School strives to provide a safe environment in which a student can grow intellectually, spiritually, physically, and socially.
The student's pursuit of excellence in academics is the primary focus and goal of Glenwood School. To that end Glenwood School emphasizes the following:
Quality Education The Board of Trustees strives to provide a faculty possessing the competence, qualifications, dedication, and personal character needed to accomplish this goal. Glenwood School strives to provide the faculty with the facilities, equipment, curriculum material, and support which are essential to meeting this goal.
College Preparatory Education The curriculum and instruction at Glenwood School is designed to impart to students the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in college and in any other post-secondary endeavor.
Environment Glenwood School strives to provide an environment that is safe, enjoyable, caring and stimulating. Such an environment is intended to nurture the growth of well-balanced, responsible, and dedicated young people. Glenwood School encourages the active participation of parents and families.
Christian Principles Essential to the success of Glenwood School is the belief that Christian principles are the foundation upon which the school is founded.
Development of the Total Person Glenwood School emphasizes the development of each student to his/her full potential in all areas of life, including mental physical, spiritual and social. In light of this Glenwood School offers a variety of extracurricular activities that give students the opportunity to develop all their talents.