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Mrs. Donna Zeigler's Page

*Please remember to send your child a SNACK and DRINK for our break.
*Students must wear tennis shoes for PE and will be given time to make a shoe swap.
* Please sign the behavior calendar daily on the diagonal line.
 ******Graded papers go home each Tuesday and should be returned Wednesday.....send back the stack of papers and the signature form
 A classroom newsletter goes home each Friday with detailed info....refer to that for weekly updates. 
I always post an extra newsletter outside our classroom!
This week:
Spelling-list 12 words
Math- adding/subtracting, nickel recognition....adding on, counting money, place value
Reading- ... Stepping Stones  reader...
Language- writing complete sentences....?. !  NOUNS/Proper nouns   
Phonics- special sounds on Chart 8.
Environment-    Indian Unit
**** please make sure to communicate with the teacher and administration if a student will be absence or check out....if the absence is not excused, our school policy is that they can not make up class work or tests. 
 Read each night to your First Grader!!!  
Monday- Veteran's school
Tuesday- . 1 x each due, math HW page  ....graded papers go home....send papers and small signature slip back ASAP.
Friday- Santa Pictures in the morning!
book. look, good, foot, wood, shook, boot, food, loose, moon, room, roof, tooth, have, give
We love to practice our spelling words and play games on
Encourage your child to read AR books and take tests on the computer!  We give treats for reaching point clubs!  Every test passed earns a half point.
They just need to read the book 3 times and send in a note with book letting me know they are ready and I will set them up.
I also have books in the classroom for them to read, that we read aloud in class that are AR.  
You can google AR finder and see if the book title you have is an AR book or not....
They will also have a log to keep up with reading time and get prizes from our Library for returning their log each Friday!! Record daily for the seven days and return each Friday!  
  Please remember to return your Library book by Friday!  
I am Donna Zeigler. I am so excited to be your teacher! I have taught Kindergarten in the public school system for 25 years, and this is my 4th year at Glenwood. This is my 29th year teaching and I love it! I am from Ashland, Alabama. I am an Auburn graduate with a BS in Early Childhood Education. I am married to Payton Zeigler and we have 3 children. Will, a Glenwood and Auburn graduate. Katie, a Glenwood graduate and Junior at The University of Alabama, and Maggie, a 3rd grader! I enjoy shopping, photography, and watching old movies! I love spending time with my family, camping and cheering for the Auburn Tigers! We have a Cavalier King Charles puppy named Charlotte! I am looking forward to a great year!