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Congratulations to the May Family Fundraiser Winner: Katie Hollifield

Glenwood Tennis

2019 Tennis State Champion, Katie Jones (8th Grade)
Tennis Roster 2019

Autumn McCain 12th
Georgia Denzik 12th
Claire Mitchell 12th
Maggie Adams 10th
Harrisen Smith 10th
Ella Nelson 9th
Sara Berman 9th
Katie Jones 8th
Katy Clark 8th
Anniston Boutwell 7th
Mayson Booth 6th
Laura Kate Litton 6th
Kincaid Foster 12th
Will Haines 10th
Wyatt Wilkerson 8th
Nick Thompson 8th
Griffin Osborn 8th
Breckyn Waller 8th
Kaden Andrews 8th