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Welcome to the Parent Teacher Association(PTO)

Glenwood PTO is an organization composed of parents, teachers and staff members put in place to help facilitate fundraising activities and parent participation throughout the school. If you are interested in helping Glenwood's PTO, please contact Tonia Williams at or Amy Tate at
Please read below to find out more information on the exciting fundraising opportunities coming up and how you can help Glenwood School.
28 Day of Glenwood:
PTO will be selling raffle tickets with some awesome prizes that will be drawn each day of February.
**  Tickets can be purchased from Class Room Mothers or in the school offices.
$20 each or 6 for $100
February 1st: $75 Gift Card- Mike's Market
February 2nd: $20 Gift Card- Switch A Roo Designs
February 3rd:$70 (1) Glenwood All Sports Pass
February 4th: $25 Gift Card- Publix
February 5th:$50 Gift Card- Valley Food Services/Glenwood Cafeteria
February 6th: $50 Gift Card- Denham's Florist
February 7th: $40 Gift Card- Robin's Nest
February 8th: (1) Glenwood PTO Sherpa Blanket
February 9th: $100 Gift Card- BP Summerville Road/Wade Properties
February 10th: $200 Value -Last Will & Testament (Graham Legal Firm)
February 11th: $200 Value- (1) 2018/2019 Glenwood Registration Fee
February 12th: $50 Gift Card- Zaxby's
February 13th: $100 Gift Card- Mike's Market
February 14th: $50 Cash- Compliments of Sawyer Lake Properties
February 15th: $50 Gift Card- Valley Food Services/Glenwood Cafeteria
February 16th: $75 Gift Card- Mike's Market
February 17th: $200 Gift Card- Tate Furniture
February 18th: $50 Gift Card- Del Taco
February 19th: $40 Gift Card- The Blue Door Boutique
February 20th: $150 Gift Card- Mike's Market
February 21st: $50 Gift Card- Bonefish Grill
February 22nd: $100 Gift Card- Little Ceasars
February 23rd: $50 Gift Card- Olive Garden
February 24th: $50 Value- Glenwood Stadium Seat
February 25th: $25 Gift Card- Home Depot
February 26th: $100 Gift Card- Mike's Market
February 27th: $200 Value (1) 2018/2019 Glenwood Registration Fee
February 28th: 1/2 Glenwood Tuition for the 2018/2019 Academic Year
 28 Days of February WINNERS:
Feb. 1st: Mike Market Gas Card- Jen Humphrey
Feb. 2nd: Switch-a-Roo Designs- Roxanna Hamilton 
Feb. 3rd: Glenwood All Sports Pass- Tonia Williams
Feb. 4th: Publix Gift Card- E. Perdu
Feb. 5th: Valley Food Service Card- Amy Shepherd
Feb. 6th: Denham’s Florist- Wanda Korytoski
Feb. 7th: Robin's Nest Gift Card- Donna Kirby
Feb. 8th: Sherpa Glenwood Blanket- Karen Melton
Feb. 9th: $100 BP Gift Card- Susie Terry
Feb. 10th: Last Will & Testament- Phyllis Jones
Feb. 11th: $200 18/19 Glenwood Registration- Lauren Vanhouten
Feb. 12th: Zaxbys Gift Card- Mary Herring
Feb. 13th: Mike’s Market- Courtney Johnson
Feb. 14th: $50 Cash- Amy Kittrell
Feb. 15th: $50 Valley Services- Courtney Johnson
Feb. 16th: $75 Mike’s Market- Tammy Glover
Feb. 17th: $200 Tate Furniture- Lindsey Williams
Feb. 18th: $50 Del Taco- Cullen Favors
Feb. 19th: Blue Door Boutique- Brandi Day
Feb. 20th: $150 Mikes Market- Gil Basilio
Feb. 21st:
Feb. 22nd: Little Caesar’s Pizza- Leslie Rutledge 
Feb. 23rd: Olive Garden Gift Card- Lori Daniels
Feb. 24th: Glenwood Home Stadium seat- Brenda Davis 
Feb. 25th: Home Depot Gift Card- Donna Kirby
Feb. 26th: Mikes Market Gift Card- Darren Horne
Feb. 27th: $200 Registration Fee- Jenny Kite
Feb. 28th: Tuition 18/19 school year- Leo Ivey
2017-2018 PTO Members
Amy Tate & Tonia Williams
Vice President: Jill Hardy
Secretary: Kimberlee Funk
Special Event Coordinator: Bridgette Pointer
Treasurer: Tonia Williams
Teacher Rep: Bobbie Bankston