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Happy Homecoming Week!

Drama (Period 2)

Melissa Wilks
Upper School

Course Description

This class is specific to acting!
Week 7 - We are still on Tech! Students will be introduced to Lights and sound this week
They will have small participation projects and also continue creating Little Mermaid props and costumes
Week 6- 
  • Let Tech week continue! Students will be introduced to general set information Mon-Tues and then break into teams. Some will construct the set while others continue on costumes and props!
  • Friday students will review their technical information from notes and assess their progress on show items
Week 5-
  • Students will take a break from performing and begin learning about the technical elements of Theatre
  • My goal is to introduce concepts for two days then have students apply in real life scenario by creating things for our Fall play
  • Mon/ Tues- Costumes and Props crash course
  • Wed-Fri- create fish puppets, jellyfish hats, sting ray puppets, turtle backs
Week 4-
  • We will build on gesture to explore pantomime which will become mime
  • Mime Projects and pantomime quiz Fri
Week 3-
  • Monday students will perform their Do Something project from last week and take their Actor's body quiz
  • Tuesday we will build on the prior unit and explore pantomime as part of nonverbal communication. This unit will end a mime performance Friday if all goes well
Week two
  • Mon- learn types of stages and review for quiz
  • Tues- quiz and intro into Actor's body 
  • The week will include exercises and opportunities to develop skills in controlling and communicating with your body
Week one
  • Working on Ensemble and jumping into the basics
  • Students will touch on basic vocabulary, commitment, focus, and basic staging principles for a proscenium stage
  • Our first performance will be a quick creation on Friday