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Course Description

This class is specific to acting!


1. Hi guys! I have attached a short video of encouragement if you would like to watch. Look for it with attached documents!

2. This is the verse for this week-

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made know to God Philippians 4:6

3. As mentioned in the video, watching a play is a great way to spend some of your "extra" time, as well as a way to think about all the things we've been learning in class. I am attaching a new link to a live Broadway showing of HAIRSPRAY and WICKED is still below that.  Notice all the design choices made in costumes, set, lighting, sound, AND appreciate the artistry of the actors. This is not a required, nor a graded assignment, but rather a break from the norm if you wish. I will keep posting new plays as long as we are apart.



I'm only an email away if you need anything. See you soon!



Upon return to school we will start here:

  • Students will finish up and present their marketing projects Monday
  • Tuesday students will review and learn director terminology and stage manager short hand
  • Students will practice taking on both roles in preparation for their class show that applies all jobs they have learned
March 9th-13th
  • Students will connect their understanding of advertisement through poster design to the job of marketing
  • Students will connect with modern ways to use technology for marketing
  • Students will understand the importance of marketing in a competitive entertainment industry
  • Students will create a trailer, commercial, or digital video to advertise for Aladdin coming up in April
March 2nd- 6th
  • Learning the basics of light design
  • understanding the controllable elements of lights
  • understanding how lights impact costumes and props
  • Comparing the design processes of all technical areas
  • comparing lighting and sound technicians
Feb 24th-28th-
  • Learning the basics of sound design
  • intro to foley artists
  • foley sound projects
  • sound project
Week 24-25
  • Mon will be our PROPS assessment (moved due to weather day)
  • Tues - intro costumes as our next theatre job
  • Wed - elite 8 games - lesson dependent on attendance
  • Thurs - learning about costume design and renderings
  • Fri - final 4 games - lesson dependent on attendance
  • Mon/ Tues - Winter Break
  • Wed, Thurs, Fri - completing our design renderings and learning basic costume skills like sewing on a button
Week 23
  • Mon- Understand types of props and basic vocabulary
  • Tues- apply vocabulary to the varying stages of the production process as they relate to the carer of props master
  • Wed- compare working theatres and styles among design and specifically props creation
  • Thur- assessment in class - working application of the concepts
  • Fri- Feedback on the assessment and wrap up, game request day if time allows
Week 22-
  • Mon - intro to the playwright and identifying the difference between a play and a story; identifying elements of a performed story in structure and in format
  • Tues- Practicing inventing or creating dialogue
  • Wed - Practicing inserting technical elements such as props, lighting, sound effects, and actor gestures/ emotions
  • Thurs - Take a play 2/3 complete and be the playwright for the end - make sure to apply what we learned about structure, format, dialogue, monologue, and technical directions
  • Fri - review, turn in plays for a written grade and share with one another for an audience grade
Week 21-
  • Mon - holiday
  • Tues- Review for quiz, rehearsal time - guided activities, memorization check
  • Wed- written quiz, time to rehears
  • Thurs - rubric review, final prep, performance grade
  • Fri - intro next career - Playwright
Week 20-
  • Mon - Final rehearsal day for monologues
  • Tues - Perform monologues
  • Wed - Fri - begin ensemble unit and review with inter Ms. Barker
Week 19-
  • Learning about inanimate objects as characters
  • Monologue basics
  • Inanimate Object Monologues - create an original piece, write, and perform
Weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • Students will be creating and then performing Christmas themed chair duets
  • Performances will be Dec 10th
  • Dec 11th we will watch and critique their work
Weeks 14 and 15-
This is always a favorite week for the students - It's improv week!
Week 12 and 13-
  • Most of week 12 students will be exploring drama hands on by working on the lights, set, and general tech week chaos of the play which is the following weekend
  • If they are in between play tasks, students will work on their small group oral interpretation pieces
  • Monday and Tuesday will be our final rehearsals for our 3 children's stories to be shared with first grade
  • Thurs- perform for kids (I will record)
  • Fri- watch and critique performance and celebrate great show work
Week 11-
  • Mon - read through group script, game break, read through better, game break, try off book
  • Tues- Memorization time, warm up game, add gestures and blocking, rehearse
  • Wed- Film round campus several times, start group piece - following the same process
  • Thurs - reh and mem day for groups, review quiz
  • Fri - Perform group oral interpretation pieces, quiz , watch film
Week 10
  • Mon-Fall Break
  • Tues- intro to voice, activities to explore voice
  • Wed- No class due to the PSAT
  • Thurs - intro spoken word techniques, group poems, and begin group rehearsals
  • Friday- Mark scripts, memorize, and choose and mark a poem in groups of three or 4
Week 8/9- We are still on Tech! Students will complete a few costume and set tasks they haven't completed on Monday and again Friday if need be. 
  • Tues- Students will predict, learn, and manipulate important information on show posters
  • Wed- missed class due to NHS inductions
  • Thurs- they will design a show poster The Little Mermaid
  • Fri- Juniors missing for Health fair - senior work day
  • Mon - no school - in-service day for teachers
  • Tues-they will be given time and materials to make their design a reality
  • Wed- the posters will be evaluated for effectiveness (and a grade) - These posters will be put up around the school to advertise the play.
  • Thurs- we will wrap up with games and an assessment on all areas of tech done so far
  • Fri- no school - Happy Fall Break
Week 7 - We are still on Tech! Students will be introduced to Lights and sound this week
They will have small participation projects and also continue creating Little Mermaid props and costumes
Week 6- 
  • Let Tech week continue! Students will be introduced to general set information Mon-Tues and then break into teams. Some will construct the set while others continue on costumes and props!
  • Friday students will review their technical information from notes and assess their progress on show items
Week 5-
  • Students will take a break from performing and begin learning about the technical elements of Theatre
  • My goal is to introduce concepts for two days then have students apply in real life scenario by creating things for our Fall play
  • Mon/ Tues- Costumes and Props crash course
  • Wed-Fri- create fish puppets, jellyfish hats, sting ray puppets, turtle backs
Week 4-
  • We will build on gesture to explore pantomime which will become mime
  • Mime Projects and pantomime quiz Fri
Week 3-
  • Monday students will perform their Do Something project from last week and take their Actor's body quiz
  • Tuesday we will build on the prior unit and explore pantomime as part of nonverbal communication. This unit will end a mime performance Friday if all goes well
Week two
  • Mon- learn types of stages and review for quiz
  • Tues- quiz and intro into Actor's body 
  • The week will include exercises and opportunities to develop skills in controlling and communicating with your body
Week one
  • Working on Ensemble and jumping into the basics
  • Students will touch on basic vocabulary, commitment, focus, and basic staging principles for a proscenium stage
  • Our first performance will be a quick creation on Friday