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Creative Expressions (Period 6)

Course Description

Creative Expressions is a fun filled exploration of Fine Arts. Students will create work in both the visual arts and performing arts. My goal is to help them reflect on self and express that boldly!

Verse for reflection this week:

God is LOVE - do you believe that is true? Do you know how much he loves you?

Available assignment for this week:

SUMMER ART - Have fun!


Available assignment for last week:

What do you ask a horse? Why the long face? / Why can't you be mad at the horse? It was just Horse Play? / Why didn't the Horse answer? His voice was feeling hoarse!

Your turn - think of as many cheesy horse puns as you can while we spend the week drawing them. I have given you a link to a different horse drawing lesson for everyday of the week this week if you choose! Enjoy, and send me pictures if you do anything you love!

This lesson (and all below lessons) are accessed in the files attached.


Available assignment from last week:

We will be celebrating SPRING with drawings of flowers.

Monday is a daffodil, Tuesday is flower doodles of all kids, Wednesday is shading a rose, Thursday is remembering to shade 3D objects as we put our flowers in a vase, and Friday is your day to create a creative masterpiece of your own. Enjoy, and consider brightening someone's day by sending your flower to them.

This lesson (and all below lessons) are accessed in the files attached.

Available assignment for last week:

In the files attached you can access the presentation for this week - April 13th. It contains links to videos where you can draw along with an artist at home. Have fun.

Monday - Draw a cartoon Dog

Tuesday - Draw a cartoon Cat

Wednesday - Draw a detailed dog from a variety of breed options and perspectives

Thursday - Try pets of all kinds

Friday - Draw your own combination of animals or your pet at home




A weeks worth of fun "rooted" in different styles of art!


Each day check out a new style by following the links and trying the art work for yourself. Our theme this week will be trees! Just look outside and see how many trees are "springing" to life right now. By Friday I'm hoping you will venture into your own yard and draw one of your trees in your favorite style.

Remember, I miss you! You can email me anytime and I would love for you to send me a picture of any art you create for fun!

  • Monday - Realism
  • Tuesday - Abstract
  • Wednesday - Surrealism
  • Thursday – Pop Art
  • Friday – your turn! Draw a tree you see in your yard in the style of your choice!
Click on the attachment videos or At Home Tree Lesson to access the work. I also left last week's lesson in case you didn't get a chance to play with it!

AVAILABLE ASSIGNMENT FOR Last WEEK- At Home Perspective Lesson

Please open the attached video and also the attached PDF that contains optional art assignments and instruction for you as a resource. No grade will be taken for these assignments, but you may find them a nice distraction in our separation. You may do them all or pick and choose. Enjoy! I sincerely miss you and look forward to your return.

  • In the notebook PDF attachment you will find:
  • Day 1- how to use single point perspective – landscape and the word love drawing
  • Day 2 -how to use single point perspective – 3D shapes drawing
  • Day 3-how to use two vanishing points, dual perspective – simple building and block drawing
  • Day 4 – how to use two point perspective to write words with letters
  • Day 5 – how to use perspective in photographs
  • Day 6 – playing with trick photography perspective
  • Day 7 – project challenge - time to get creative
  • Bonus – Christian connection/ devotion on perspective




Upon return to school we will start here:

  • 16th-20th Children's theatre stories - add adaptation, gestures, and rehearse
  • Mon 23rd will be the day we perform for lower school
  • Tues 24th - classes are interrupted by ACT on campus
  • Wed-Fri - Do a choice project for art show

March 9th-13th

  • Inspired by the movie Coco, and the art of Day of the Day (connecting to multicultural art) students will create a sugar skull or day of the day scene
  • Students will also represent a real person (personal or famous) to connect personal experience to art
  • We will learn oil pastels
  • Work will be presented and critiques 13th

March 5th and 6th - watch Coco with sub (set up for the following week's day of the dead oil pastels)

Feb 24th- March 4th - stage combat and comedic elements

  • Mon - set up comic elements using clips, identify types of humor
  • Tues- seeing and exploring physical comedy
  • Wed- Understanding the comic elements that best relate to children's stories and how to devise using them
  • Thurs - identifying elements of chase scenes and playing with them in a small group in class scene
  • Fri- introduce project and begin devising
  • Mon - rehearse performance
  • Tues- Perform scenes
  • Wed-  watch performances from other classes

Feb 10-21

  • Mon- intro Escher the artist and discuss lines and shapes in optical illusion
  • Tues- Show next project and begin
  • W- Elite 8 Games - many will be missing - we will work with those present
  • Th-Work day on project
  • Fri- Final 4 Games - many will be missing - we will work with those present
  • Mon and Tues - Winter Break - ENJOY
  • Wed and Thurs - work days to finish our Escher projects
  • Fri - Critique work and end with Ensemble
Week 23
  • Mon- Understand types of props and basic vocabulary
  • Tues- apply vocabulary to the varying stages of the production process as they relate to the carer of props master
  • Wed- compare working theatres and styles among design and specifically props creation
  • Thur- assessment in class - working application of the concepts
  • Fri- Feedback on the assessment and wrap up, game request day if time allows
Wrapping up week 21/week 22
  • Thursday we will be setting up a choice inspiration project - find 3 images - create in a medium of your choice an art work that incorporates those 3 images
  • Fri- images due
  • Mon- Thurs - work days
  • Friday- Projects due
Week 20 into week 21- 
  • Mon/ Tues/ Wed - wrap up Keith Haring inspired project
  • Thurs- Present your work and do written critique - begin movie
  • Fri/ Tues (Monday vacation) - movie with sub in my absence
  • Wed finish movie
Week 19-
  • Learning about the style of Keith Haring and why he is recognized as inspirational in POP art
  • Start Keith Haring Project
Week between Thanksgiving and Christmas-
  • Students will be given a list of options for a final Christmas Choice Project ranging from performance to visual arts. The goal will be to creatively revisit a technique or genre they enjoyed and take it to the next level. 
  • Students will be given an opportunity to make up any missing or low scoring projects from the nine weeks
  • Students will earn participation points for their work during class time and a final project grade at the end for their product.
Week 15-
  • Monday- reflection project
  • Tuesday- try reflection with oil pastel - guided tutorial
  • Wednesday- guided reflection drawing with charcoal and pencil
  • Thurs/ Fri - choose your favorite and create your own
Week 14-
Monday holiday
Tues-Thursday will be improvisation practice, application and then wrap up
Fri - will be an introduction to reflection in art so that they can do their reflection project the following week
Week 12 and 13:
Mon - intro Pointillism/ Mosaic, Explore Pointillism
Tues- Group pumpkin mosaics
Wed- Choose pointillism or mosaic for your medium, choose a subject, plan composition - design due
Thurs- Mon - Studio days to work on your project
Tues (Nov 5th) - Pointillism and Mosaic projects due for critique
Wed- Fri - Improvisation Unit intro
Week 11
Mon - draw on and then paint on silhouette
Tues- critique, collect leaves, and introduce composition
Wed - Paint background and Use collected leaves to create a pleasing composition using golden rule while it dries
Thurs - draw leaves onto dried background in planned composition and then paint the leaves using wet blend
Fri- Add detail to dried leaves and share
Week 10
Mon- Fall Break
Tues- Experimenting with acrylic blend
Wed- Classes will not meet due to PSAT
Thurs - Using what we learned Tues - create a sunset blend using acrylic paint
Fri- Design silhouette using rule of thirds
Week 8/9
Mon- Connecting space ideas from visual arts to performance
Tues - Introducing  chair duets
Wed/ Thurs - Guided rehearsals for chair duets
Fri- Perform and record chair duets for some - juniors gone to health fair
Mon- inservice day
Tues- perform remainder of chair duets
Wed - seniors gone - remaining juniors will have time to make up work, the option to do an enhancement (extra project), or study hall
Thurs- students will watch the video performances from other classes, eat popcorn, critique, and be excited about fall break
Fri- Fall Break
Week 7 - Back to visual arts, but this concept is also explored through performance in the coming weeks
Mon- Students will learn implied shape and be introduced to positive and negative space
Tues - Students will apply their understanding of space with an elementary project
Wed - We will discuss how to heighten our work from yesterday, then compare the products. Students will also be tasked with a more advanced version of the same project
Thurs/ Fri - students will complete project 2 on pos/neg space
Week 6-
Mon - celebrate our monochromatic animal victories! Then take a break from painting and try some performing
Tues - I will have a sub. Students will work in groups on brainstorming and writing their pantomime scenarios
Wed-Thurs - Guided rehearsal and small sections of workshopping mime techniques. 
Week Five-
Monday - Critique our monochromatic painting - consider brush strokes, and success of color mixing ; intro Blue Dog by George Rodrigue and intro our monochromatic animal painting project
Tues- Draw on painting paper your simple animal, start painting with background
Wed- Paint animal using values you mixed
Thurs- critique on dry projects; review and study for color theory quiz
Fri-  Quiz, wrap up for absent friends, and game request if time
Week Four-
Monday - Holiday
Tues- Wed - playing with and exploring paint
Thurs/ Friday - first simple paint project!!
Week three:
Monday wrap up FORM project
Tuesday - present, critique, and then begin color
Wed-Friday - Exercises understanding basic color theory. Fun surprise Friday! Begin painting next week!
Week Two:
Monday- review for quiz and finish project
Tuesday- name project due and quiz over week one
Wed- begin elements and principles of art unit that will take two weeks. Our first project will be over lines and shapes!
Thursday - connect to FORMS and start FORMS project due Tuesday
Week One:
  • ENSEMBLE- Get to know each other - the more we create an ensemble the more students will honestly express themselves
  • Understand classroom procedures and course expectations
  • Begin a student driven visual expression piece
  • Identify the purpose and benefits of creative arts in our society