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Happy Homecoming Week!

Creative Expressions (Period 6)

Melissa Wilks
Upper School

Course Description

Creative Expressions is a fun filled exploration of Fine Arts. Students will create work in both the visual arts and performing arts. My goal is to help them reflect on self and express that boldly!
Week 7 - Back to visual arts, but this concept is also explored through performance in the coming weeks
Mon- Students will learn implied shape and be introduced to positive and negative space
Tues - Students will apply their understanding of space with an elementary project
Wed - We will discuss how to heighten our work from yesterday, then compare the products. Students will also be tasked with a more advanced version of the same project
Thurs/ Fri - students will complete project 2 on pos/neg space
Week 6-
Mon - celebrate our monochromatic animal victories! Then take a break from painting and try some performing
Tues - I will have a sub. Students will work in groups on brainstorming and writing their pantomime scenarios
Wed-Thurs - Guided rehearsal and small sections of workshopping mime techniques. 
Week Five-
Monday - Critique our monochromatic painting - consider brush strokes, and success of color mixing ; intro Blue Dog by George Rodrigue and intro our monochromatic animal painting project
Tues- Draw on painting paper your simple animal, start painting with background
Wed- Paint animal using values you mixed
Thurs- critique on dry projects; review and study for color theory quiz
Fri-  Quiz, wrap up for absent friends, and game request if time
Week Four-
Monday - Holiday
Tues- Wed - playing with and exploring paint
Thurs/ Friday - first simple paint project!!
Week three:
Monday wrap up FORM project
Tuesday - present, critique, and then begin color
Wed-Friday - Exercises understanding basic color theory. Fun surprise Friday! Begin painting next week!
Week Two:
Monday- review for quiz and finish project
Tuesday- name project due and quiz over week one
Wed- begin elements and principles of art unit that will take two weeks. Our first project will be over lines and shapes!
Thursday - connect to FORMS and start FORMS project due Tuesday
Week One:
  • ENSEMBLE- Get to know each other - the more we create an ensemble the more students will honestly express themselves
  • Understand classroom procedures and course expectations
  • Begin a student driven visual expression piece
  • Identify the purpose and benefits of creative arts in our society