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  • Glenwood Upper School Chapel

    Uploaded Apr 09, 2020by Jennifer Camacho
  • Fine Arts "Field Trip!"

    Are you feeling stuck inside? ME TOO! I know that some of you had Fine Arts field trips that were cancelled this Spring, but here's the good news... Now everybody gets to go on a virtual Fine Arts trip! And the best news is: this tour even ends with an art project!

    *** Just because the beginning of the video says something about pre-k, it doesn't mean it's not perfect for all the way up to 5th graders! I had a great time on this tour!

    Uploaded Apr 06, 2020by Jessi Bryce
  • Help for students when using Google Classroom

    Uploaded Apr 05, 2020by Hunter Dawkins
  • 6:21 Counselor Update #2

    Hey, everyone! If there's anything you have questions about that I didn't cover in my update for this week, please email me. I miss you all!

    Uploaded Apr 05, 2020by Kayla Boyer
  • Art from Home: Make a Magazine Collage!

    This activity is fun for students of all ages down to preschool with help from an adult! I will only be uploading one project a week, because the ones I will show you will be more time-consuming than a regular craft. This project has 4 steps, and I recommend doing one per day.
    I would love to hear from you! If you complete this project, please email me a picture to be featured in next week's video!
    Materials Needed:
    Cardstock or thick paper - Construction paper works too
    and a pencil

    1) Choose your subject to draw and sketch it on your paper. You could choose an animal, a football, a palm tree, an ice cream cone, ANYTHING! Tip: Draw BIG! The smaller you draw, the harder the actual collage will be to cut out!
    2) Label your drawing with the colors you are going to make everything. If you're feeling fancy, find where your highlights and your shadows belong.
    3) Background! Go through your magazines and rip out pages that contain a lot of black and white writing. Cut or rip them into smaller sections and glue them to all the unused white space on your paper.
    4) Collage! Go back through your magazines and look for colors and patterns for your drawing. Start by ripping out anything you see that you may like, then start cutting it down to fit your collage. Add any last details that make it pop, and you're finished!

    Have fun, and I can't wait to see your art! :)

    Uploaded Mar 25, 2020by Jessi Bryce

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