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Glenwood Marching Band

* Athletic fees for JV, and V cheer, volleyball, and football are due before the first game of the season. The athletic fee for the first child is $200. This includes $100 for a cash bash ticket that each family is required to sell ,or purchase. Athletic fees for other children in the same family, and all other sports will be $100.
Band Fees of $100 are also due before the first game .

GLENWOOD BAND  2016-2017


Makinley Arcuri

Noah Cacciatore

Thomas Camacho

Cassi Caughey

Lela Childs

Carter Copeland

Sarah Cox

Brandon Fulone

Jack Geiger

Blake Givens

Kaitlin Hartley

Lauren Head

Joshua Herring

Min Joo Kim

James Massey

Taylor McCrary

Dani Mosher

Garrett Pelley

Kayla Rutledge

Madison Schwandt

Becca Smith

Reggie Stephens

Brooke Sydlik

Ashley Woodburn