Glenwood School

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2018-2019 Mr. & Miss Glenwood

Being selected Mr. and Miss Glenwood is one of the highest honors you can receive. You are selected by your classmates based on your character, pride for the school, and academic success. This year, Craig Coulter and Maddie Dykes were chosen to represent Glenwood School.
Maddie Dykes is a lifer at Glenwood and a 3rd Generation Glenwood graduate. Her grandmother, father, mother, and older brother are all graduates of Glenwood. She is a former basketball player, and says she is a gator through and through!
Craig Coulter is also a lifer at Glenwood. He is known as the host of the Gator News here on campus. Check out his youtube channel for fun interviews with coaches/teachers/students around campus! 
We took some time to ask these two a few questions about Glenwood:
1. What is your favorite thing about Glenwood?
     Craig: The people and the atmosphere
     Maddie: I love that everyone is so close. This place is my second home, and I love coming to school every     day.
2. What will you miss most?
      Craig: The dress up days, and the people. I've made so many great friends.
      Maddie: Being able to hang out with everyone. I will definitely miss the teachers and the atmosphere of       feeling like I'm at home.