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Glenwood Drama Presents "Willy Wonka"

Director's Note
Willy Wonka is a classic story beloved by generations. I enjoyed the opportunity to bring Willy Wonka to the Glenwood stage, although it was not without challenges. This show is filled with "opportunities" for creative problem solving! Blow one kid up, throw one in an incinerator, lift one into the air, and teleport another- why not! I chose to represent each simply with visible characters facilitating. In essence, we used our creativity where money or facility capabilities limited us. Please notice how well our students tell this story without sophisticated effects.
Note* Plays were reestablished at Glenwood last year with The Jungle Book. As i increase participation and grow quality, it is important to understand as an audience what goes into even a 30 minute production. For the show, over $2,200 dollars was spent alongside our many helpful people that lent us things. Also, our students gave time, they in some cases didn't have, to rehearse around there other MANY activities. Your attendance validates the expense and heir effort.
We sincerely thank you for supporting our program, as we grow!
Monday Night, the Drama Department, students ranging from 7-18 yrs. old, presented the play, "WIlly Wonka" to an audience of more than 500 people. The students did an outstanding job with their performance, and I'm sure all that attended would agree. Not many theatre programs put on a show featuring star athletes from multiple sports, cheerleaders, band members , class officers, robotics members, newbies and everything in between! On behalf of Mrs. Wilks, the students, and the school; we would like to give a special thanks to Golden Acres, The Springer, Columbus High, Michael Jones, Grandparents & Parents, and the Glenwood Administration. Without your help and support, the show does not go on. 
The 2016 Willy Wonka Cast included:
Willy Wonka- Tripp Kennon
Candy Man- Chandler Jones
Charlie Bucket- Dakota Wood
Grandpa Joe- Carter Copeland
Phineous Trout- James Beck 
Augustus Gloop- Jacob Gill
Mrs. Gloop- Zoe Helland
Veruca Salt- Brinkley Pope
Mrs. Salt- Emma Groce
Violet Beauregarde- Charley Woodall
Mrs. Beauregarde- Parker Slappey
Mike Teavee- JD Wilks
Ms. Teavee- Jill Sharpe
Mrs. Bucket- Macey Green
Grandma Josephina- Madison Schwandt
Grandma Georgina- Riley Kate Wilson
Grandpa George- Matthew Rud
Squirrels- Mackenzie Morefield, Jaylee Sawtelle, Taylor Arnette, Reganne Nowell, Ella Helland, Georgia-Lee Smith, Emily Lowery
Factory Helpers- Angel Hall, Makinley Arcuri
Oompa Loompas- Haleigh Wilks, Claire Graham, Meg Rosier, Katy Clark, Taylor Shelton, Whitnie Bass, Alexa Burns, Bobbi Taylor Breazeale, Nicolette Latta, Katie Jones
James- Colin Scroggins
Matilda- Emma Rose
Candy Kids- Emma Rose, Victoria Schwind, Jordon West, Aspen McCorkle, Chloe Davenport, Ava Burns, Alana Figueroa, Brianna Wood
Also, a special thanks to the Tech Crew!
Sound- Michael Jones, Tyler Dykes
Music- Ashley Woodburn
Props- Emma Lee Gullatt, Whitley Anderson, Charley Woodall, Parker Slappey, Ann Marie Findlater
Spotlight- Ann Marie Findlater
Lights- Kayla Rutledge, Emma Lee Gullatt