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Math 6 (Period 6)

Course Description

Sixth grade math is designed to help foster continued learning of practical arithmetic, while also introducing new material to help students prepare for future math classes. Please see the LINK to the Alabama State Standards for a guide as to some things will focus on this year. 
Google Classroom and Email will be our primary form of communication. Please look for the posting of all assignments throughout the year in Google Classroom.


Weekly Activities 10/5-9

Slight change in plans for the week! Please see below!
Weekly Activities
Monday: No School
Tuesday: Organize Notebooks; Missing Assignments
Friday: No School

Weekly Activities 9/21-25

Weekly Standards:
Interpret and compute quotients of fractions, and solve word problems involving division of fractions, e.g., by using visual fraction models and equations to represent the problem. [6-NS1]
Find the greatest common factor of two whole numbers less than or equal to 100 and the least common multiple of two whole numbers less than or equal to 12. Use the distributive property to express a sum of two whole numbers 1-100 with a common factor as a multiple of a sum of two whole numbers with no common factor. [6-NS4]
Monday: Exponents and Prime Factorization; HOMEWORK
Tuesday: Intro to Fractions and Proper and Improper fractions; HOMEWORK
Wednesday: Adding Fractions w/Like and Unlike DEN; CLASSWORK
Thursday: Subtracting Fractions w/like and unlike DEN; HOMEWORK
Friday: Multiplication Test #6; Subtracting Fractions w/Borrowing

Weekly Activities 9/13-17

Weekly Standards: 
***Compute unit rates associated with ratios of fractions, including ratios of lengths, areas, and other quantities measured in like or different units. [7-RP1]
Monday: "I have, who has?" LCM and GCF in Class activity; HOMEWORK--STUDY GUIDE
Tuesday: Review Day--Study Guide and Review games; HOMEWORK --STUDY
Wednesday: Chapter 3 Test
Thursday: Exponents and Prime Factorization; HOMEWORK
Friday: Multiplication Test #6; Exponent Activity

Weekly Activities 9/7-11

Weekly Standards: Apply and extend previous understandings of multiplication and division and of fractions to multiply and divide rational numbers. [7-NS2]
Monday: Labor Day---No School
Tuesday: Intro to Factoring; Prime and Composite Numbers; HOMEWORK
Wednesday: Prime Factoring and Factor Trees; CLASSWORK
Thursday: Greatest Common Factor, Least Common Multiple; HOMEWORK

Friday: Multiplication Test #5; Review of Prime Factors

Weekly Activities 8/24-28

Weekly Standards: 
Lessons covered this week are integral in basic math understanding. We will be reviewing previous grade level standards. 
Monday: Linear Measures and Measures of Capacity; HOMEWORK

Tuesday: Measures of Time and Weight; HOMEWORK
Wednesday: Converting Measures; CLASSWORK
Thursday: Converting Metric Measures; HOMEWORK
Friday: Multiplication Test #3; In Class Activity--Metric Mania

Weekly Activities 8/17-21

Weekly Activities 8/17-21
Weekly Standards:
Fluently divide multi-digit numbers using the standard algorithm. [6-NS2]
Plus other review standards necessary for our course of study.
Monday: Adding, and Subtracting Whole Number Review; HOMEWORK
Tuesday: Multiplying and Dividing Whole Numbers Review; HOMEWORK
Wednesday: Classwork Review
Thursday: In Class Activity; HOMEWORK
Friday: Multiplication Test #2; Quiz in Google Classroom--Students should bring Devices if allowed.


Please click on the Title of this post to access a copy of the Multiplication Speed Drill that will be given to your students weekly on Fridays. They were given a copy of the drill in class today to practice. Attached below you will also find a link to the quizlet used for practice with this drill. This is a timed test and the students will be given 5 minutes to complete these multiplication problems. The problems include multiples up through our 12x12 times tables.

Weekly Activities 8/10-14

Weekly Activities
Monday: Issue Textbooks; Discuss Weekly Speed Drills; "All About Me" class assignment
Tuesday: Math Pretest
Wednesday and Thursday: Chrome books--in class training in Google Classroom and many other major components that will be beneficial for all students this year.
Friday: Speed Drill #1

Weekly Activities

Weekly Standards: All skills covered this week will be preliminary structures necessary to assess students current abilities.
Thursday: Introduce Course syllabus; Classroom Rules/Procedures; Textbooks

Friday: Notebook Setup; Discuss Weekly, Speed Drills; Pre-Test
Please click below to review and electronically sign your child's course syllabus. Students will sign their hard copy syllabus in class. Your signature will be their first grade for the 9 weeks.
Thank you!!! I am looking forward to a FANTASTIC year!
Mrs. Wilbourn

Google Classroom Invite

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All assignments and posts for weekly plans will be posted on our Class page.
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