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Happy Homecoming Week!

Course Description

Music Enrichment II

Lesson Plans

Week of 9/23-9/27








1.      Review of 3 main types of music

2.      Introduction to commercial music


·        Prepared visual

·        Recorded examples

·        Lead review of the three main types of music:  Art, commercial, and folk

·        Define commercial music

·        Industrial revolution and the beginning of the music industry

·        Music publishing



1.      Learn about rag time

2.      Listen to an example by Scott Joplin

3.      Begin working on projects

·        Prepared visual

·        Recorded Examples

·        Project Sheets


·        Introduce the style rag time

·        Learn about the composer Scott Joplin

·        Listen to an example of Joplin’s music

·        Divide the class into groups and begin working on projects



1.      Learn about other American popular music of the 19th Century

2.      Listen to an example by Stephen Foster

·        Prepared Visual

·        Recorded Examples


·        Review rag time

·        Learn about other styles of American popular music during the 19th century

·        Learn about the composer Stephen Foster and listen to an example of his music.

·        Work on projects



1.      Work on projects


·        Project Sheets


·        Work on projects and prepare for in class performance



1.      Perform and assess projects



·        Allow students a few minutes to practice for their performances

·        Each group performs their composition for the class

·        Students provide feedback