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Course Description

December 9-13 (AL COS 9,10)
Monday- 12.3 and Review 12.2
Tuesday- Review for Ch. 12 Test
Wednesday- Ch. 12 Test
Thursday- Final Exams
Friday- Final Exams
December 2-6 ( AL COS 9,10)
Monday- Unit 5 (Ch. 12) Vocabulary Terms  (19, 12, 10)
Tuesday- 12.1 Notes
Wednesday- 12.2 Notes
Thursday- 12.3 and Review 12.1 and 12.2
Friday- Finish MPC Notes 
November 18-22 (AL COS 9,10)
Monday- Continue Money and Banking Notes and Penny Video
Tuesday-  Finish Notes and Guided reading 10.1.  Practice Problems
Wednesday- Review Guided reading 10.1 and Complete 10.2.  Practice Problems
Thursday- Unit 4 Test
Friday- Chapter 12 Vocabulary Terms
November 11-15
Monday- Veterans Day Holiday/No School
Tuesday- Review Sheet Activity
Wednesday- Complete Unit 4 Vocabulary (and make up tests for flu victims)
Thursday- Begin Unit 4 notes
Friday- Continue Notes
November 4-8 ( AL COS 9.10)
Monday- Continue Notes- and begin practice problems- inflation
Tuesday- Practice GNP and inflation problems
Wednesday- Review for Test
Thursday- Unit 3 Test
Friday- Unit 4 Vocabulary and Begin Notes
October 28- November 1 (AL COS 9,10)
Monday- Continue Unit 3 Notes, 9.2 Guided Reading Due
Tuesday-Continue Notes, 9.3 Guided Reading
Wednesday- Practice Problems
Thursday- Continue Notes
Friday- Complete Notes
October 21-25 (AL COS 7,8,9)
Monday- Economics Scavenger Hunt- QR code Market Types
Tuesday- Review for Unit 2 Test
Wednesday- Unit 2 Test (Ch. 3-7)
Thursday- Unit 3 Vocabulary Terms and Begin Chapter 8 Notes
Friday- Chapter 9- Section 2 and 3 only notes
October 14-18 (AL COS 5,6,7)
Tuesday- 7.1 Forms of Competition, Notes and Khan video.  Vocab activity 7.1
Thursday- Market Failures and Cost Benefit analysis 7.2
Friday- Regulation of Monopolies 7.3- QR code activity
October 7-11 ( AL COS 5,6,7)
Tuesday- Review problems on board, Guided Reading- Test Thursday
Wednesday- No class- Senior Superlative Pictures
Thursday- Ch. 6 Test
September 30- October 4 (AL COS 2,3,6)
Monday- Review Test, Crash Course Video- Prices- 6.1 Notes
Tuesday- Supply/Demand Practice Sheet
Wednesday- 6.1 Guided Reading
Thursday- Review 6.1 and Begin 6.2 and 6.3 (Surplus, Shortage, Equilibrium)
Friday- Practice Surplus, Shortage, Equilibrium Problems
September 23-27 (AL COS 2,3)
Monday- Supply/Demand Packet
Tuesday- Guided Reading and Practice
Wednesday- Guided Reading and Graphing practice
Thursday- Review for Test
Friday- Chapter 5 Test
September 16-20 (AL COS 2,3)
Monday- 4.3 practice slide, Elasticity of Demand crash course, practice problems
Tuesday- Review practice sheet and study
Wednesday- Ch. 4 Test
Thursday- Begin Ch. 5- Supply notes
Friday- Continue Notes/Graphing

September 9-13 ALCOS 1,4,7

Monday- Go over Test corrections, begin Unit 2 Vocabulary Terms

Tuesday- Vocabulary Due, Supply/Demand Packet

Wednesday- Begin notes (1-13), demand curve worksheet homework

Thursday- Math Practice Activity, continue notes

Friday- p. 123-124 Questions 1-13

September 2-6 ( AL COS 1,4,7)

Monday- Holiday- No School

Tuesday- Review 3.1 Guided Reading Homework, Chapter 3 Notes

Wednesday Ch 3 Reviews

Thursday- Unit 1 Reviews

Friday- Unit 1 Test


August 26-30 (AL COS 1)

Monday- Finish Notes (19-22), Review Guided reading section 2 and 3.  Personal Finance Activity 

Tuesday- Silk Road and Russian Experiment- Crossword

Wednesday- Chapter 2 Test

Thursday- Begin Chapter 3 Notes and 3.1 Guided Reading

Friday- FORD video clip and correct 3.1.  Begin 3.2 Guided Reading


August 19-23 (AL COS 1)

Monday- Chapter 1 Quiz, Begin Reading Chapter 2

Tuesday- Review Chapter 1 Quiz, Begin Chapter 2 Notes

Wednesday- 2.2 and 2.3 Notes /Video on Market Structures/Foldable

Thursday- Section Reviews

Friday- Book Reviews


August 12-16 (AL COS 1)

Monday- Begin Notes.  Begin Chapter 1 Economic Terminology.

Tuesday- Complete Chapter 1 Notes

Wednesday- Math Activity 1 and Vocabulary Puzzle

Thursday- Activity 1-1,1-2 and 1-3.  Chapter 1 Review Sheet

Friday- Chapter 1 Quiz


August 8-9 (AL COS 1)

 Thursday-  Discuss class rules/expectations and procedures- complete textbook scavenger hunt.  Read Chapter 1, sections 1 and 2 for Homework by Monday

 Friday- Begin Economics Notes/Discussion, Unit 1 terms 



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