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Happy Homecoming Week!

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It's Love that Makes the World Go Around

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Our class Valentine performance.
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Uploaded by Natalie Davis.

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  • 00:04 Cha Cha action ¡en clase!

    I'm so proud of the courage of each of the participating students in all classes Spanish III, II, and I for our Cha Cha series! Here's a taste of what we're learning toward our Cha Cha final at the end of noviembre.

    For more video and pics, visit our class website home page, and photo album. Videos are posted on the left pane only.

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    Fun in class with dance

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  • 00:37 Milk Rainbow Lab

    Chemistry and Biology classes demonstrated a few science concepts today in the lab! We learned how dish soap break surface tension in the water in milk to show a "milk rainbow." Students also applied lab safety rules that were learned this week to performing tasks in the lab.

    Uploaded Aug 14, 2019

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