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Biology (Period 5)

Tamara Garner
Upper School
Fall Semester


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Weekly topics covered 2nd nine weeks

Week 11: Quiz will cover Labeling Microscope and cellular transport notes
Week 12: Quiz will cover ALL notes on Active and Passive transport
Week 13: Quiz over Chapter 10 vocabulary (defined in class)
Week 14: Quiz over cell cycle notes
Week 15: Cancer research and poster- present Monday 11/18
Week 16: Quiz on enzyme notes
Week 17: Quiz on ATP notes
Week 18: Review and Exams

Weekly topics covered (1st nine weeks)

Week 1: Lab rules and lab safety
Week 2: Scientific notation, Metrics, Scientific Method
Week 3: Idependent Variable vs. Dependent Variable
Week 4:Properties of Water
Week 5: Macromolecules
Week 6:  Macromolecules cont. 
Week 7: Cell Theory
Week 8: Cell organelles
Week 9: Review ALL
CUMMULATIVE nine weeks test is October 4th!