Lower School Teacher Links


Allison Cason 

       Email: acason@glenwoodgators.com

Jennifer Corbett 

       Email: jcorbett@glenwoodgators.com

Natalie King Davis 

       Email: ndavis@glenwoodgators.com

Lindsey Dickson 

       Email: ldickson@glenwoodgators.com

Kourtni Hurst 

       Email: khurst@glenwoodgators.com

Macey McKinnon

       Email: mmckinnon@glenwoodgators.com

Christie Miller 

       Email: cmiller@glenwoodgators.com

Susan Morgan 

       Email: smorgan@glenwoodgators.com

Elizabeth Togami 

       Email: etogami@glenwoodgators.com

Ashley Saylor

       Email: asaylor@glenwoodgators.com


Lisa Quinney 

       Email: lquinney@glenwoodgators.com

Angie Wilson 

       Email: awilson@glenwoodgators.com

Beverly Grant

       Email: bgrant@glenwoodgators.com

First Grade:

Bobbie Bankston 

       Email: bbankston@glenwoodgators.com

Lindsey Williams

      Email: lwilliams@glenwoodgators.com


Lauren Collins 

       Email: lcollins@glenwoodgators.com

Susannah Ragan

       Email: sragan@glenwoodgators.com 

Third Grade:

Courtney Giles 

       Email: cgiles@glenwoodgators.com

Fourth, Fifth, & Sixth Grades:

Karen Benham 

       Email: kbenham@glenwoodgators.com

Christy Dawson 

       Email: cdawson@glenwoodgators.com

Lindsay Rivera 

       Email: lrivera@glenwoodgators.com

Sunnie Rosier 

       Email: srosier@glenwoodgators.com

Amy Szarenski 

       Email: aszarenski@glenwoodgators.com

Enrichment and Groups:

Clay Crowe:Band 

       Email: ccrowe@glenwoodgators.com

Melissa Wilks:Fine Arts 

       Email: mwilks@glenwoodgators.com

Daryl Free:PE 

       Email: dfree@glenwoodgators.com

Kayla Strength: PE 

       Email: kstrength@glenwoodgators.com

Terry Shepard:Library /Library Info and Computers

       Email: tshepard@glenwoodgators.com

Engrade Links & Email addresses

Office and Group Links

Karen Bryans: Guidance Counselor  

       Email: kbryans@glenwoodgators.com

Upper School Teacher Links

Lindsey Barker: Upper School Math

        Email: lbarker@glenwoodgators.com

Kristen Blackshear: Government/Economics, US History 11, DE History, Soc/Psych

        Email: kblackshear@glenwoodgators.com

Gwendolyn Brown: Foreign Language (Spanish I, II, and Elementary)

        Email: gbrown@glenwoodgators.com

Clay Crowe: Band

        Email: ccrowe@glenwoodgators.com

Amy Eichelberger: English 8, English 9, & English 10 

         Email: aeichelberger@glenwoodgators.com

Tim Fanning: ACT Prep (Math & Science), PE

         Email: tfanning@ctvea.net

Daryl Free: PE

         Email: dfree@glenwoodgators.com

Angie Henderson: Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Algebra II

         Email: ahenderson@glenwoodgators.com

Trip Henderson: Health, PE

         Email: thenderson@glenwoodgators.com

Julie Humphries: PE

         Email: jhumphries@glenwoodgators.com

Molly McVey: English 11, English 12, DE English

         Email: mmcvey@glenwoodgators.com

Jennifer Perdue: Math 7, Pre-Alg 7, Pre-Alg 8, Alg 1 (9), Bible 8

         Email: jperdue@glenwoodgators.com

Dusty Perdue: PE

         Email: dperdue@glenwoodgators.com

Ann Ragan: World History 8, World History 9, Bible 8, Enrichment 8

         Email: aragan@glenwoodgators.com

Josh McConnel: Computers, Debate/Current Events

         Email: jmcconnel@glenwoodgators.com

Kayla Strength: PE

        Email: kstrength@glenwoodgators.com

Kevin Skeen: Science 7, English 7, Bible 7, PE

         Email: kskeen@glenwoodgators.com

Donna Tillman: US History 10, Civics/World Geography 7, Enrichment 7

         Email: dtillman@glenwoodgators.com

Mandy Marriott: Yearbook, 8th Grade Enrichment

         Email: mmarriott@glenwoodgators.com

Whitney White:Science 8, Chemistry, Physics

         Email: wwhite@glenwoodgators.com

Melissa Wilks: Fine Arts

         Email: mwilks@glenwoodgators.com

Lynda Wright: Anatomy, Environmental Science, Biology 9

         Email: lwright@glenwoodgators.com